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[24 Mar 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

i'm apologizing in advance for this. I'm sorry.

I have the chance for my dream to come true and get to go see FIGHSTAR, RACHEL (goingxmissing) and LONDON. stay a week. Meet my best friend. See my favourite band and main chap. One Charles Simpson. Now What's the point of this you ask?
We're short on the money to get there. My mother has given me a 'yes' to go if we could get/save the money in time.

The whole total for flight and hotel is $2,351.01 USD. Yes alot. It's an extremely good deal for 2 people.Flights there and back including 7 days/nights in a hotel. My mother could handle some and My father could as well. But I still need the extra money for when we get there. (for food, sight seeing ect.) i HATE HATE begging with every fiber of my being. But this is my complete dream. I have a chance to live it. I'd be able to die happy knowing I'd met rachel and seen Charlie. It may seem ridiculous to you, but it isn't to me. I know there are things you probably feel as passionate about in your life. This is mine. Rachel wants me to join her as much as I want to be there. Help me please.

ANY ANY ANY donation will help. I'm just trying to get the extra money for the week there. as I said food, sight seeing ect. Which shouldn't be tooooooo much. Not cheap but anything will help. I'm doing my own part on this. I'm getting a new job working overtime and saving my own money so this is my last resort for help.
1 dollar, 50 cents, 20 p. I don't care. You'd be my absolute hero and I'd owe my life to you.

You may be rolling your eyes and thats ok because it makes me sick to my stomach to even be doing this but again. please help me.

I should add that the time I am planning to go is from 31th May - 6th June. If you're going to be so kind to donate it should be anytime between now and early May so we could be sure to book the seats.

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[10 Mar 2005|04:01am]
[ mood | annoyed ]



all remove me from your flists?
also could anyone that has moved, remove me from your old list?

.thank you. <3

may seem pointless but it needs to be said [02 Mar 2005|07:38am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i really thought my love for fightstar could not get any bigger. guh.
those guys are just...they're fucking brilliant. not just charlie, cause thats obvious but..all of them.

I'm really really tired of the charlie/fightstar hating. yes i love busted. i wish we could still have them but honestly if it was charlie in busted, unhappy & held back or charlie in fightstar, happy & doing what he wants... Fightstar all the way.
What's so annoying is how much people are using this excuse to hate him even more. He would be hated by the same people that hated him before no matter what he did. Wether he stayed in busted or not. People just took this and ran with it because they didn't really have a good enough reason to diss him in the first place. It's just getting annoying as hell.
OK. you hate charlie. we get it. then why the fuck do you devote so much energy and words to someone you don't like. Respect us who are charlie/fightstar fans & appreciate their talent...Don't use comments like "chazwank, shitestar, ect" when talking to me cause it will piss me off & you know it. You can say those things all you want...just use them somewhere else. I get venting in your journal, afterall it is your journal, but it all of it really necessary? It's not going to change. I'm over the sadness of the split and so excited to see what the guys are going to come up with on their own. When it happened i felt like it was the end of the world. Its not. Charlie is not the spawn of the devil. He is simply HUMAN & owes no apology to you who have talked so horribly about him. when awhat he did was simply for the best. for busted and himself. And i am fucking glad he did.

Some of this may seem like it jibberish but sometimes my feelings don't come out like they sound in my head. sorry but i need to get it out.

SO show the love you have for him wether it be since busted or fightstar. post this in a journal entry, userinfo or whichever you'd like. :)
copy and paste this code:

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userinfo stuff. [01 Mar 2005|03:11am]
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[05 Nov 2004|11:52am]

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